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no img Test for the Dilute Gene in the Coat Color of the Labrador Retriever 
BY LRC Inc President - Thursday February 12, 2015
Information on the status of the Club’s attempts to respond to the problem regarding the registration of dogs as Labrador Retrievers with the ...

In 1986 the Club attempted to have AKC deny registration of Labradors identified with the “silver” coat color. That did not happen after an AKC representative investigating the breeding facilities of the dogs exhibiting the dilute coat color made the decision to categorize the color as chocolate under the “other” option on the registration application. Subsequent generations of dogs carrying the dilute gene remain in breeding programs, many bred to recognized titled dogs. 

Scientific evidence has shown us that there is no evidence of a dilute gene in the coat color background of the Labrador Retriever.  Despite the Parent Club’s multiple attempts to request that the American Kennel Club deny full registration to dogs exhibiting a dilute coat color, these dogs still remain in the breeding pool and kennels focusing on dilute coat colors proliferate.

At this time, our best option to protect the gene pool for the Labrador Retriever is to encourage the use of the DNA test to identify carriers of the dilute gene. I want to urge each of you, especially those with active stud dogs, to have breeding stock tested for the dilute gene and include the information in your advertising. I am also suggesting that we add the test to the requirements for an LRC, Inc. Breeders’ Directory listing.

Fred Kampo, Jr.

President, The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.


BY LRC Health Committee - Tuesday May 05, 2015
The University of California at Davis is conducting a study to identify components of semen in Labrador males that may be associated with infe...

The University of California at Davis is conducting a study to identify components of semen in Labrador males that may be associated with infertility or decreased fertility. It is our hope that identifying these parameters will help us better diagnose, treat, or prevent causes of infertility in Labrador retrievers. If you have a breeding male that has experienced decreased fertility in the form of not getting bitches pregnant, abnormal sperm parameters, or very small litters, please see the attached flyer and respond to the survey link included on that flyer.

no img LRC makes more donations to health research 
BY Dr Fran Smith, DVM, PhD - Friday June 12, 2015
Several research grants were approved earlier this month.

At the mid-year meeting of the Board of Directors, the LRC, Inc. voted to fund several research projects at the AKC Canine Health Foundation:

Grant 01609 - using probiotics to control the diarrhea and weight loss associated with inflammatory bowel disease, 
Grant 02078 - using regenerative osteochondral plugs to reconstruct cartilage, transitional tissue, or bone, 
Grant 02107 - proving that regenerative medicine actually works and is not just anecdotal, 
Grant 01584 – using conformation scores to predict the likelihood of cranial cruciate rupture, and 
Grant 01762 - using platelet enriched plasma, a regenerative medicine technique, to heal cruciate ligament damage. 

Each Grant will get $10,000 from our donor advised fund. 
Please continue to submit your Purina weight circles so we can continue to help our breed! THANK YOU!
no img 2014 Total Contributions from the Purina Partnership 
BY LRC Health Research Committee - Wednesday August 12, 2015
As of December 31, 2014, the LRC, Inc. received payout from the Purina Parent Club Partnership program in the amount of $56,759.63.

Please, if you feed Purina foods and you have not yet enrolled in the program, it is very important to our health research goals.  Just look at what we're doing with your help (by sending in the weight circles):
click here LRC's Purina Partnership Program

no img Blastomycosis on the Rise 
BY LRC Health Committee - Monday August 29, 2016
Blastomycosis - New cases are being reported at an alarming rate. If you live in any of the target areas, please be extra careful with your r...