Obtaining Working Certificates

Any AKC registered Labrador Retriever which successfully completes an LRC, Inc. WC Test is eligible to receive a Certificate.

LRC, Inc. Working Certificates may be obtained by writing (by post or by e-mail) to:

Julie Kirk
PO Box 1020
Benton City WA  99320
(509) 588-6712 evenings

To receive an engraved LRC working certificate you must submit the following:
  1. A copy of your dog's AKC registration papers
  2. Copies of AKC certificates for any additional AKC titles you wish to include on the Working Certificate
  3. A signed statement from a qualified judge indicating that the dog has passed the LRC, Inc. Working Certificate requirements or a copy of the AKC Junior Hunter (or higher) title certificate.
  4. A check for $ 25.00 payable to LRC, Inc.
The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., is the single organization officially recognized by the American Kennel Club as the national parent club of the Labrador Retriever. The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., was incorporated in October 1931, in the state of New York, and is not affiliated with any other association titled or claiming to be the National Labrador Retriever Club.