Field Work Q&A Starting

Field Contacts----

                                        Or how to find somewhere to start!

In order to give all of you a foot or two up the ladder, the following is a list of ways to find somewhere to start. This should not be a static list and any of you should feel free to contact the Labrador Retriever Club to add to this list  ---or to let us know why someone didn’t work out for you. 

All of the names of persons and Clubs listed were sent as recommendations by individuals.   Some on the list have more details given about them whereas others may just have names and contact information.  In no way does this reflect that one may be better than the other---it simply indicates what information was received originally.

A caveat----it is expected that each of you will do due diligence with regard to whether any of the information provided to you falls within your comfort zone and is in the best interests of your own dog.  Training methods may vary as might the composition of some training groups and the expertise of the trainers.

The first place to begin is to read the above as well as the article about picking a pro if you are a newcomer.

You can then check out your state or go directly to;; or to the AKC at where you can check out their Performance Clubs.  If there is a hunt test relatively close by, you could attend and meet some persons who are running their dogs.  If there is a LRC event in the area, you could go, introduce yourself to persons there, speak to the secretary and ask how you could get started.  Go to the LRC web site ( )  and if you do not already belong to a Lab Club , inquire about joining one in your location.

Another contact is the Master National Retriever Club:

An additional resource is in a reference book that lists many of the trial clubs as well as hunt test clubs and provides lists of persons who do field work.  Callbacks Directory is available through Retriever News and you can find out more about buying a copy through or   Callbacks  Directory contains a list of pros available through the Professional Retriever Trainer Association.

A further method is to go to Entry Express .  This is an entry service for field trials and hunt tests.  If you look through their lists of either field trials or hunt tests and you see a Club listed near you, you can Google this club to see what help they may be able to provide to you. 

If you go to a web site, contact information is usually provided.  If you encounter a problem, you can always Google the name of the Club.