Obedience/Rally Training


 Recommended Reading and DVDS for Obedience


Step by Step Dual Disc Set by Janice Gunn.  Step by Step instruction will guide you along the competition path from puppy through Novice, Open, and Utility.


Proofing and Problem Solving Dual Disc Set by Janice Gunn.  Filmed live at TNT’s summer camp.  The DVD set shows numerous proofing and game scenarios s well as Janice helping students solve training issues that stem from novice, open and utility exercises.


Competition Obedience Videos on Demand by Janice Gunn.  Watch training videos instantly.  All videos are instructional lessons.  Multiple combinations of packages and topics to choose from.


Above all available from www.tntkennels.com.  Excellent reviews.


Dogs Are Problem Solvers.  Complete Obedience Training by Connie Cleveland. DVD. Highly recommended.  Available through www.ybsmedia.com   1-800-595-7965   This includes three DVDs sold as a set, a handbook and three progress charts.


Dogs Are Problem Solvers; Handlers Should Be by Connie Cleveland.  A soft cover book which covers every aspect of obedience from pups to preparing for advanced titles.


Competitive Obedience – Training by AnneMarie Silverton.  A complete series of DVDs covering from picking the right puppy/puppy training; Novice, Open, Utility, Problem Solving at all three levels.  Available through www.jjdog.com   AnneMarie and her students have a strong record of success in obedience.  1-800-642-2050


Competitive Obedience  --  Problem Solving by AnneMarie Silverton. Three DVDs which cover Heeling; Open; and Utility problem solving.  It refers back to her Competitive Obedience Training DVD which should be watched first.


Beyond Basic Dog Training by Diane Bauman—Third Edition.   This is a classic and is highly recommended book.  Diane can read dogs!  www.jjdog.com  1-800-642-2050. 


Successful Obedience Handling by Barbara Handler.  2nd Edition.  There is a wealth of information for the new exhibitor in this book.  Helps more advanced handlers to become a smoother, more professional handler.  www.jjdog.com  1-800-642-2050


J and J Dog Supplies contains a wealth of information about obedience books.  They have walked the walk.  www.jjdog.com  1-800-642-2050.


Competition Obedience:  A Balancing Act by Judy Byron and Adele Yunck.  The person (an obedience instructor) that recommended this book said “If I could buy only one obedience book, this would be it.”


Jumping from A to Z by Chris Zink.


Art of Proofing:  Preparing Your Dog for Obedience Trials.  By Adele Yunck.  Very good.


Smart Dogs Brilliant Trainers by Janet Lewis.


Stepping Up to Success by Terri Arnold.  A set of three books which can be purchased individually or as a set.


Building Blocks for Performance a book by Bobbi Anderson.


Some of these books can be purchased through www.amazon.com as well.