Therapy & Service Dogs

Therapy and Service Dogs 

The LRC is making a special effort to recognize Therapy Dogs and their Volunteers, and Service Dogs and their people, at our 2017 Nationals. If you and your Labrador Retriever are attending the LRC Nationals and have been active as a Therapy Dog Team in 2016, we would like to thank you for volunteering and recognize your dog in a special presentation at our Nationals. Requirements for this honor are that your dog must have one or more credentials from the below list, and be a Labrador Retriever registered with AKC (PAL, Full, or Limited).
Retired dogs are not eligible, unless they have achieved one of the AKC Therapy Dog Titles. 

Eligible dogs must have ONE of the following:
•  AKC THD (Novice) Title or higher 
•  Current Membership in a recognized Therapy Dog Group, such as: Therapy Dogs International;
Pet Partners; TDI, Inc.; or Other – must be a recognized group.
•  Letter of recommendation from a facility that the dog has visited at least 10 times since July 1 of last year.

Please use the Application Form provided below and send it to the Event Coordinator.

Therapy Dog Application Form
Service Dog Entry Form
Awards will be presented at the LRC National recognition parades,

or will be available for pick-up any time before Friday’s Best In Show judging.

Awards will not be mailed.