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Labrador Retrievers Needed for Study of Non-contact Cruciate Rupture
By LRC Health Committee - Thursday January 30, 2014.


Clinical Research in Orthopaedics

Labrador Retrievers Needed For Genome-Wide Association Study of Non-contact Cruciate Rupture

The Small Animal Orthopaedic Service is looking for PUREBRED Labrador Retrievers 8 years old or older with no history of cruciate rupture and PUREBRED Labradors of any age that are affected with cruciate rupture. Pedigree information must be available for this study. If the dog qualifies for entry into the study, we will obtain the following:

  • Blood sample
  • Standing radiographs (x-rays) of both stifle joints. This technique DOES NOT REQUIRE SEDATION, and is very quick. The dog will be in a natural standing position while we obtain the images
  • Short questionnaire completed by the client pertaining to their dog’s lifestyle

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