National Specialty Events Committee (NSEC) Guidelines

*Approved by the Board of Directors, October 11, 2010

NSEC is the Committee charged with the responsibility of putting on all the events that make up the National Specialty Events Week.  This Committee, chaired by an individual from the location of the upcoming year as the Specialty rotates around the country, is a “standing committee” made up of both permanent and rotating members.
Permanent members will be past and present chairs of the major events of the week.  These volunteer members should be queried annually as to whether they wish to serve on the Committee in the coming year and as to how they wish to contribute.  Not all NSEC members will be able to attend every National Specialty every year, but ALL committee members should assume some role that supports the Event Week.
The NSEC is responsible for recommendations to the LRC, Inc. Board of Directors regarding policies and procedures.  Such policies include:
  • The requirement that all events be open to Labrador Retrievers ONLY.
  • The requirement that ALL contracts for facilities and vendors for all event weeks must be signed by an officer of the Labrador Retriever Club.
  • The requirement that, following the approval by the Board of Directors, all judges must agree to contracts sent to them by the Event Treasurer.
  • The requirement that all major chairs should agree to follow as closely as possible the guidelines in the budget supplied to them each year by the Event Treasurer.
  • The requirement that the Event Treasurer will supply quarterly reports to the Board of Directors on the status of these budgets.
Updated June 14, 2018. The Board of Directors unanimously voted that the top ten Labrador Retrievers in all categories be recognized at the National. The top 25 conformation, obedience, and agility dogs will be listed every year in the Club yearbook, as will the top ten all-age field dogs.