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Local Club Specialty Guidelines

Guidelines on Conflicting Local Club Specialty Dates approved by the Board of Directors on June 14, 2013

Prior to issuing Parent Club approval letters for local club conformation events, Parent Clubs are encouraged by the American Kennel Club to: (A) review for conflicting dates with other local specialties; (B) consider the distance between conflicting dates; and (C) the impact holding a conflicting date event will have on both local specialty clubs. In accordance, the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. Board of Directors has developed the following guidelines:

  1. Weeks #40 and #41 of the AKC Corresponding Dates Calendar are reserved for the LRC, Inc. National Specialty Events. Under no circumstances will permission be granted for a local specialty to be held on or between those dates unless a local club, in the same time zone where the National Specialty is to be held, has accepted an invitation from the LRC to host a local specialty immediately following the National Specialty.
  2. Each local area specialty club or association which has received AKC approval for a local specialty show or shows in any one year shall have first right to claim the corresponding dates for its show or shows to be held in the next succeeding year. In all cases the burden of proof of ownership of a corresponding date is on the last applicant.
  3. A “letter of permission” for specialties will not be granted where dates conflict with an existing approved licensed specialty unless:
    1. The distance between the events exceeds 200 straight line miles from the established specialty.
    2. There are more than five (5) days between the specialties.
    3. It can be shown that the granting of such “letter of permission” will not work to the detriment of either specialty. (Example: Two local clubs establish a working relationship and agree to back to back specialties to increase entries and reduce expenses.)
  4. An exception may be made if the local club applying for the conflicting date receives a clearance from the local specialty holding the established licensed show. If co-existence is granted, the club ownership of the date must be agreed upon in writing prior to event permission.
  5. Local specialty dates existing in 2010 are grandfathered in unless a specialty club wishes to change dates; at that time these guidelines shall be met.
  6. Local specialty clubs are responsible for notifying LRC of any date changes and club contact information to facilitate communications.

Time Zone Chairs

Weeks 40 and 41 on the AKC Corresponding Dates Calendar have been reserved for the annual Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. National Specialty Events Week.

Local specialty clubs wishing to schedule a local specialty are required to submit a Specialty approval request from the Parent Club with their AKC application. For questions, contact your LRC Time Zone Chair:

Eastern Time Zone
Nancy Brandow
Central Time Zone
Dr. Frances O. Smith DVM, PhD
Mountain Time Zone
Marilyn Little
Pacific Time Zone
Barbara Gilchrist