Multi-Titled Dog List

Congratulations to the Following Labradors of Distinction!

The Labrador Retriever is a retrieving gundog, identified as a “Sporting Breed” in AKC’s classification system. We honor the dogs who excel in more than one AKC sport, whether it is conformation combined with an advanced (intermediate or better) AKC Performance or Companion title *or* with multiple advanced Performance + Companion titles.

For clarity:

  • Conformation means CH
  • Performance, as defined by AKC, means field trials or retriever hunting tests
  • Companion, as defined by AKC, means obedience/rally, agility, or tracking

We do not list titles from AKC’s Title Recognition Program nor titles from other breed registries. To report your dog’s qualifying titles contact LRC.

Amateur Field Champions with Conformation Titles
AFC/CH Jason of the Golden Fleece II
AFC/CH Shamrock Acres Simmerdown
AFC/CH Rinney’s Cumulo Nimbus
Champion Master Hunters
#83 GCH CH Jusright The Dark Knight CDX BN RA MH CGC (bm, 2021) (10th GCH/MH)
GCH CH Dutch Hollow’s Simply Charming, TDX, RA, TKI, MH, VPM (yf, 2020)
CH Hiddensprings Representative Claybar MH (bm, 2019)
CH Briarwood’s Jumpin Jack Black Flash MH (bm, 2018)
CH Bidwell To Hiddensprings Covey Buster MH (bf, 2018)
CH Mar-Jo’s Major Attitude MH CGC (bf, 2018)
CH Wiscoy’s Carnival MH (bf, 2018)
CH Pathways Tygrrsaurus Rex Of Fair Haven MH WCX CGC (ym, 2017)
GCH Seawind Fergmar Bells and Whistles MH UDX OM1 BN (ym, 2017). The ONLY GCH, MH, UDX Labrador Retriever in the world!!
GCH CH Boynes Avian Investigator MH (bf, 2016)
CH Falline Telemark CD, RN, MH (yf, 2016)
CH Rockycreeks Jack Daniels CD PCD BN RN MH (bm)
CH Duckback Armbrook’s Indigo CD MH56 (bm)
GCH CH Watersedge John Quincy Adams MH SHU CGC (bm)
CH Cedarwood’s Rollickin’ Good Thyme CD BN RE MH (cf, 2015)
CH B And M Meinhold Col. Hawker RN MH CGC (ym)
CH Klassic’s High Voltage F-18 MH (bm)
CH Oasis Diamond Del Rio MH (yf)
CH Deep Run Casablanca MH (ym)
CH Spirithawk Let It Ride MH (yf)
CH Mar-Jo’s Rough-N-Ready MH (ym)
CH Wiscoys Midnight Train MH (bm)
CH Kohlercreek Radiance At Honorbright MH (yf, 2013)
CH Briarwood’s Luna Brillante MH (yf)
CH Grampian Bedizened Viking RA MH (bf)
CH Briarglen’s Celtic Caper MH (yf)
GCH CanCH ReiMur Juz Fulla Myself CDX RE MH CGC (bm)
CH Sonlight’s Nachusa Storm Chaser MH (yf)
CH Topwater Hiddenspring Yuletide RN MH (bd)
GCH CH Lobuff Major Yeager At Asquam MH (yd)
CH Seawind’s Fergmar Edubard UD OM1 MH (bm)
GCH Am/Can CH Poplar Forest Topp Gunn MH (bm)
GCH Viking Hil’Die Tanzbarin CD RA MH (yf)
CH Nachusa’s I Walk The Line MH (ym)
CH Dickendall Buckstone Deck The Halls MH (bm)
CH Kerrybrook’s Vince MH (ym)
CH Yellow Roses Rio Bravo MH (bm)
CH Hollyhill Password To Bidwell MH (bf)
CH Raintree Wooly Bully RN MH (bm)
GCH CH Hidden Springs Blue Goose MH (ym)
Am/Can CH Poplar Forest Play It Again Sam UD RE MH (bm)
CH Ridge View No Fear MH (ym)
CH Lands End Whatever She Wants CDX RN MH (bf)
CH Caer Bren Superhero CD RN MH (ym)
CH Ransom’s I Wanna Be Good CD MH (bm)
Am/Can Ch. Lor-Al’s Got Our Power Play CD MH (bm)
CH Ransom Armbrook’s Hole In One CD MH (bm)
CH Pembroke Blk Mist Poplar Forest MH (bf)
CH Ransom’s Armbrook Indigo Hue CD MH (bm)
CH Bayview’s Aliho Denali MH (bm)
Am/Can Ch. Fawnhaven Hard Act To Follow CD MH (bm)
CH Waterbound Locke On Laddy MH (bm)
CH Sundance’s Paddy’s Irish Cream CD MH (ym)
CH Danikk Leap of Faith MH (ym)
CH Belle Tradition O’Broad Reach MH (bm)
CH Marit’s Slippry Round the Bend MH (bm)
CH/MACH Prospect’s Slam Dunk UD MH RN MXP5 MJP5 PAX (ym, 2002)
CH Winnie’s Block Buster MH (ym)
CH Ashridge Captain Wentworth MH (ym)
CH Naiken Indian Temple MH (cm)
CH Campbelcroft Peppermint Paddy CDX MH (ym)
CH Ashway’s Willcare Impression CD MH (cm)
CH Bayside’s Mark West CD MH (bm, 2000)
CH Avalon’s Regal Buck MH (bm)
Am/Can Ch. Clarion’s Bad As I Wanna Be CD MH CKC MH (bm)
CH Westwind’s Chilkoot Charlie MH (ym)
CH Brandywine’s Westdale Duggan MH (ym)
CH Franklin’s Pickpocket for Kerrybrook MH (ym, 1999)
Am/Can. Ch. Brookland’s Mischievous Sealion MH CDX NA (ym)
CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley CDX MH (cm)
CH Aliho’s Igloo Iggy UDX MH (ym)
Am/Mex/Int’l Ch. Cook’s Midnight Bandit MH (bm)
CH Topform’s Edward MH (bm, 1995)
CH Willcare’s Gypsy Talkeetna CD MH (ym)
CH Willcare’s Gypsy Chitina CD MH (yf)
CH Devon’s Rough Magic CD TDX MH (bf)
CH Harbortop’s Redwick Valhalla MH (bm, 1993)
CH Broad Reach Gripper UD MH (bf)
CH Duckback’s HiHope CD MH (yf)
CH Plantiers Ruthless Ruthie MH CD (cf)
CH Broad Reach’s Trace Of Grace MH (bf, 1991)
CH Buddy of Cedar Bush Creek UD MH (bm, 1989)
CH Simerdown Royal Canuck MH (ym)
CH Romany Sun Jester CD MH (ym, 1988)
Champion Tracking Title with an Advanced Performance Title
CT Dutch Hollows True Blue SH, CC, AWC (bf)
FC AFC CT Broad Reach Devil Made Me Doit CD (bf)
Field Champions with Conformation Titles
Dual Ch. Hiwood Shadow (bm)
Dual Ch. Warpath Macho (bm)
Dual Ch. Royal Oaks Jill of Burgundy (bf)
Dual Ch. Shamrock Acres Super Drive (bm)
Dual Ch. Trumarc’s Triple Threat (bm)
Dual Ch. Petite Rouge (bm)
Dual Ch. Sherwood’s Maid Marion (yf)
Dual Ch. Happy Playboy (bm)
Dual Ch. Torque of Daingerfield (ym)
Dual Ch. Ridgewood Playboy (bm)
Dual Ch. Calypso Clipper (bm)
Dual Ch. Danny’s Cole Black Slate (bm)
Dual Ch. Problem Boy Duke of Wake (bm)
Dual Ch. Burnham Buff (yf)
Dual Ch. Little Miss Timber (bf)
Dual Ch. Krooked Kreek Knight (bm)
Dual Ch. Markwell’s Ramblin’Rebel (bm)
Dual Ch. Alpine Cherokee Rocket (bm)
Dual Ch. Kingswere Black Ebony (bm)
Dual Ch. Penney Oaks Corky (bm)
Dual Ch. Boley’s Tar Baby (bm)
Dual Ch. Beau Brummel of Wyndale (bm)
NFC/Dual Ch. Nilo Possibility (bm)
Dual Ch. Dela-Winn’s Tar of Craignook (bm)
Dual Ch. Treveilyr Swift (bm)
Dual Ch. Bengal of Arden (bm)
Dual Ch. Cherokee Buck (bm)
Dual Ch. Hello Joe of Rocheltree (bm)
Dual Ch. Grangemead Precocious (bm)
Dual Ch. Matchmaker for Deercreek (bm)
Dual Ch. Bracken Sweep (bm)
Dual Ch. Yodel of Moreexpense (bm)
Dual Ch. Little Pierre of Deercreek (bm)
Dual Ch. Braes of Arden (bf)
NFC/Dual Ch. Shed of Arden (bm)
Dual Ch. Gorse of Arden (bf)
Dual Ch. Michael of Glenmere (bm)
Master Hunter / Master Agility Champion / Obedience Trial Champion
OTCH MACH4 Lakebound’s Dancing Poet VCD3 UDX14 OGM RE MH MXB2 MJS2 (ym)
OTCH MACH Gemstone’s Black Dazzle UDX4 OM7 MH MXS MJB (bf)
Master Hunters with Conformation Points
KevMars I Dee Claire MH (yf, ptd)
Endeavor Darkest Just Before Dawn MH CA SCN SIN SBN (bm) ptd (2021)
High Voltage Rough Rider MH (ym) ptd (2018)
Lands End You’re Out of Here MH (bf) ptd
Fish Dog’s Playing in the Kona Surf MH CGC (ym) ptd
Can CH Cougar Mt. Sweet Sweet Spirit MH QAA ptd (bm)
Ransom’s Code Of Honor II MH ptd (ym)
Can. CH Cougar Mt. Sweet Sweet Spirit MH QAA ptd (bm)
Lands End Gets What She Wants MH (bf) ptd
Dutch Hollow’s Charismatic CD MH (yf) ptd
Rhumbline’s Topsail Schooner MH (yf, ptd)
Linamia Thanks for the Memories CD RE MH (bm) ptd
Ransom Armbrook Up A Notch MH (bf) ptd
Ransom’s Persuasive Witness CDX MH (bf) ptd
Ransom’s Testament of Courage CD MH (yf) ptd
Can Ch. Fawnhaven Midnight Rocket RN MH (bm) ptd
Linamia’s Playin’ Possum CD MH (yf) ptd
Double-Edged Sword MH (ym) 10 points
Danikk’s Four Wheel Drive CDX MH (bm)
Chocorua’s Seafarer O’ Gypsy Bog MH (ym, ptd)
Can Ch. Ransom’s Persuasive Pursuit CD MH (ym)
Sure Shot Dry Creek Covergirl MH (bf)
Can Ch. Harbortop’s Just In Case MH (bm)
Can Ch. Blackthorns Ridgeview Wizard MH (bm) ptd
Can Ch. Ransom’s Perpetual Promise Am/Can CD MH (yf)
Ruthless Scalawags Scarlett CD MH (cf, ptd)
Sandlake’s St. Nikolas MH (ym, ptd)
Kerrybrook’s Knight Hawk MH (bm, ptd)
Ransom’s Rudder of Graycroft CD MH (ym, ptd)
Seaworthy’s Superstitious MH major ptd
Kerrybrook’s Drake Can Do MH (ym, ptd)
Wyvernaxe Audley MH (ym. ptd)
Master Hunters with Master Agility Champion
MACH Rmr’s Kick Back To The Future CD BN RN MH MNH MXB MJS NF (bm)
MACH Labs Unlimited Delicate Balance UD RN MH MXS MJS OF (bf)
MACH2 Lorida Chasing The Clouds MH MXG MJG (bf)
MACH PACH2 Dreammeyer Chocolate Addiction MH MXC MJC MXP7 MXPG PADP MJP8 MJPG PJDP PAX2 MFG MFP T2B4 T2BP (cf)
OTCH MACH Gemstone’s Black Dazzle UDX4 OM7 MH MXS MJB (bf)
VCCH MACH4 Lakebound’s Dancing Poet UDX15 OGM RE MH MXB2 MJS2 MXP6 MXPS MJP7 MJPS PAX2 (ym)
MACH5 Lorida Kissimmee River Oaks MH MXS2 MJS2 XF (bf)
MACH Augustus Class V At Sealion UD RE MH MXS MJS NF (bm)
MACH5 Kjs Blackwater Keep On Rolln RN MH MXS2 MJB2 XF (bm)
MACH Winroc Pedal To The Metal VCD1 RE TDX MH MXS MJG MXF (bf)
MACH3 PACH Amiable Applause Inherited UDX MH MXC MJC MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX OF (bf)
MACH Waterdog’s Can’T Stop Me CDX MH MXB MJS (bf)
OTCH MACH Winterset’s Chilly Weather UDX2 RN MH MXS MJS (yf)
MACH Candlewood’s Ribbonquest UD MH MXG MJB MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX NF (bf)
MACH Winroc XLT Funnel Cloud VCD1 RA TDX MH MXS MJG (bm)
MACH2 PACH8 Lime Creek’s Punkin Patootie VCD3 MH MXG MJG MXP25 MXPS3 MJP27 MJPS3 PAX8 MFP (bf)
National Obedience Champion
2008 2009 NOC OTCH Count Tyler Show Me The Money UDX3 (bm)
2006 2007 NOC OTCH Chaseabout’s Dances With Lions UDX12 JH MX MXJ (ym)
National Retriever Champions with Conformation Titles
’58 NFC Dual Ch. Nilo Possibility (bm)
’42,’43,’46 NFC Dual Ch. Shed Of Arden (bm)
Obedience Trial Champions with a Conformation Title
CH/OTCH Aliho’s Double Dutch Gold UDX TD JH (ym)
Obedience Trial Champions with Advanced Performance Titles
AFC/OTCH Goldstar Steadfast Nathan UDX OM2
FC/AFC/OTCH Law Abiding Ezra
OTCH Koo Koo Achoo VCD1 UDX4 MH QA2 (yf)
NOC OTCH Count Tyler Show Me The Money UDX7 OM7 MH (bm)
OTCH Storms Little Black Dress OM2 MH QA2 (bf)
OTCH Troublesome Caught Inthe Act UDX2 MH (bf)
OTCH/MACH Winterset’s Chilly Weather UDX2 RN MH (yf)
OTCH Xtra Troublesome MH UDX3
OTCH Woulda Coulda Shoulda UDX MH
OTCH Plymrock’s Black Diamond UDX11 MH AX AXJ (bf)
OTCH Gunning Island’s Black Dragon UDX7 MH OA OAJ
OTCH Broad Reach Diesel UDX2 TD MH (bm)
OTCH Broad Reach Kiss N’ Tell MH (bf)
Obedience Trial Champions with Senior Hunter Titles
OTCH Sharrigans Purdy Birdie Boy Samson UDX4 OM7 SH (bm, 8/27/2016)
OTCH Blackwaters Kick It Up A Notch UDX6 OGM SH (bf)
OTCH Cresthills Sprinkle of Justice UDX11 OGM VER RAE SH AX AXJ NF (cf)
OTCH Oughta Be A Law UDX4 SH (bm)
OTCH Plymrock Jet Propelled UDX3 SH (bf)
OTCH/MACH J Mark’s Spirit of Bree UDX SH
OTCH Winfield’s High Hopes Casey UD SH
Senior Hunters with Conformation Titles or Points
GCH CH Abhainn's Carn Dubh SH JHU (added 2022)
GCH Rumac’s La Dolce Vita RN SH BCAT DN (bf) (added 2021)
Shadowglen Call Girl SH (bf, major ptd)
CH Empress Louis Vuitton RN SH DN CGC (bm)
CH Birch Hill’s Commander Riker SH (bm, added 2020)
MACH Mischief Makin Emma Rose CDX RN MH MXB MJB OFP T2B SWN SEA (bf)
GCH CH Katmai Lady Blue Skies RE SH CGC (bm)
CH Deep Run Jaeger In Cowtown SH (bm)
CH Dutch Hollow’s Man About Town, WC, TKA, RI, TD, SH, CGC, ACT J1 (ptd) (bm, added 2019)
GCH CH B-Mor’s Max-A-Million RN SH (bm, 2018)
CH Rockycreeks Tia Maria (cf) CD PCD BN RA SH CGCA
GRCH CH Honorbright Dunn’s Marsh Song and Dance RN SH RATM AWC (ym)
GCH CH Clearwater’s Midnight Romance From Arlon SH CGC (bm, 2017)
GCH Dutch Hollows Simply Charming SH, TDX, RA, WC (yf, 2017)
(Versatile Producer of Merit)
CH Dutch Hollows High Roller SH WC (ym, 2017)
CH Banbury Dickendall Miss Me Now SH (bm)
Cedarwoods Wuthering Heights SH RE (ptd) (BF)
Cedarwoods Grin n Bear It SH BN RA (ptd) (CM)
CH Ridge View’s King Of Spades CD BN SH (bm)
GCH CH Lobuff Aquarius Semper Fi at Shoreline SH (ym)
CH Saddlehill Irish Luck SH (bm)
CH Rockycreeks On The Double CD PCD BN RN SH CGC (cf)
CH Diamonds Hocus Pocus CDX RE SH (bm)
Lands End You’re Out of Here SH (bf) pointed
Dutch Hollow’s Slick As A Whistle RN TDX SH TKI WC (bf) ptd
Tide Rock’s Sea Star Salty Mist SH (bf) pointed
Duckback’s Hi-Hope Millie CD RN SH (bf) pointed
Chilbrook Lone Ranger CD RAE SH (cd) major pointed
Rozihill’s Secret To Success SH (bf) major ptd
Chucklebrook Trudy at Snowbrook RN SH (yf ) pointed
Salona Hills Bet The Farm SH (cm) pointed
Lands End On My Mind SH (bf) pointed
Chucklebrook Theodore at Snowbrook CD SH (ym) pointed
CH Sher-Mi Front Runner SH (ym)
Matilija Loe’s Amazeme SH (bf) pointed
Hollyridge Bella Lira At Asquam SH (yf) pointed
GCH CH Winters Kute Kydd CDX SH NJP (ym)
CH Himoon TheDukeAt Clovercreek CD RN SH (ym)
Can Ch. Fawnhaven Tribute To ShaRay RA SH (ym) major pointed
CH Shadowglen Augustus CDX RAE SH (ym)
CH Puckett Sherman Tank SH (bm)
CH Justes B Hagrid SH (bm)
Dickendall Narlo Uptown SH (bf) pointed
Dutch Hollow Storm Cat CD SH AWC (bf) pointed
Augustus Suave Affair SH (bm) pointed
CH Ridge View Virginia Gentleman CD RN SH (ym)
CH Bellburns Vannah Black CD RN SH (bf) pointed
CH Winroc On Line CD RA SH (yf)
CH Mayfair Verbena SH (bf)
CH Belnaboths Just Trevor SH (ym)
Winroc Knows Black SH (bm) pointed
CH Prospect Bayside Storm Watch CD SH (bm)
CH Diamond’s Itty Bang Bang SH (yf)
CH Dewberries Argonaut Atalanta RA SH (bf)
Willowbank Dyna Might CD SH (bf) pointed
CH Timberline Annie Get Yr Gun CD SH (yf)
CH Goldust’s Optical Illusion RN CDX SH (bf)
CH Dutch Hollow’s TipTop CD TD SH (ym)
Touchstone Spellbound at Dutch Hollow CD SH pointed
Buckstone Red Delicious SH pointed
Lands End Little Rascal CD SH RN (bf) pointed
CH Graycroft’s Distant Vision CD RE SH (yf)
Can Ch Sunnydaze Black Max SH pointed
CH Rockycreek Rowdy Thyme At Robnie SH (bm)
CH Ransom’s R Sprezzatura Stash CD SH (ym)
CH Raintree Riff CDX RE SH
Lands End’s Trouble Brewing CDX SH (bd) pointed
Ridge View At Gun River SH major pointed (bm)
Lands End Principal Prospect CDX SH (bf) pointed
CH Marstad’s Take Your Best Shot SH (yf)
CH Sundance’s Birthday Bonus, SH (ym)
Sundance’s Meant To Be Mine SH (bm) pointed
CH Kinsey’s The Thunder Rolls SH (bm)
CH Jusright The Lord Was Willin’ CD SH RN (yf)
Ransom Armbrook’s Queen Bess CD SH
Allegheny’s Blue Ridge SH NAP (bf) major pointed
Am/Can Ch. Timberline Big Ben At Fawnhaven SH
RNCH Sandpipers Norse King Odin CD SH
CH Diamond’s Sid SH
CH Caerbren’s Crystal Wizard CD SH (ym)
Campbellcroft Black Hawkeye UD SH (bm) major pointed
CH Chablais Don Quixote SH (ym)
CH Hollyhill By George CD SH (bm)
Can Ch. Bayview’s Main Attraction CDX SH (bm) pointed
CH Marit Fiesta Fun for Mac UD SH NA NAJ (bf)
Goldust Legacy Jewel SH UD (bf) pointed
Can Ch. Cedarwood’s Minnie
Am/Can CD SH (yf)
Dickendall Davaron Orange Ruffy SH (ym) major pointed
Am/Can Ch. Cedarwood Gunner of Fawnhaven CD SH (cm)
CH Janrod’s Butter Bear SH (cm)
Normandy’s Cimarron’s Renegade CD SH (bf) pointed
CH Ransom’s Ridgeview J.J. SH (ym)
CH Somersett Miss-B-Haven Minx CD SH (bf)
CH Kellygreen’s Sir Lancelott II CD SH
CH Dickendall’s Ruffy SH (bm)
CH Inselheim Winchester SH (bm)